Reducing Passenger Wait Time


Passenger & carry-on screening of the airport security operations was modeled based on data made available by knowledge experts. The goal was to use simulation modeling and optimization techniques to reduce the time a passenger spends waiting in line pre-screening by analyzing the workforce requirements during peak hours. The goal was a wait time of no more than 15 minutes for 80% of the passengers each day. Non-linear optimization algorithms were used to generate multiple workforce solutions (data points) based on the passenger wait time and workforce capacity constraints.


  • To monitor the time a passenger spends in line pre-screening
  • Wait time <= 15 minutes for = 80% of passengers per day
  • To generate an optimal workforce mix that alleviates passenger wait time during peak hours
  • To assess the impact on security operations during breeches

Process aspects measured by simulation

  • The time a passenger spends waiting in line
  • Workforce productivity

Process aspects minimized by non-linear optimization techniques

  • The time a passenger spends waiting in line by generating multiple workforce scheduling alternatives

Demonstration Model

In order to view the demonstration model you must have SIMPROCESS installed on your computer and you must have a license. If you don’t have SIMPROCESS you may download a trial version.

You must save the demo model file by RIGHT CLICKING on the file below and select “Save Target As”. Save the file to your computer. After you launch SIMPROCESS select File and Open. Then navigate to where you saved the demo file and select to open it.

Additional demonstration models are in the models/Demos directory which is located in the SIMPROCESS working directory.