Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System (DIMHRS)

Client: Naval Reserve Information Systems Office (NRISO), New Orleans, LA

Project Statement

CACI was tasked to develop a prototype model based upon the Navy Enlisted Accession process as documented in the flow and IDEF diagrams. CACI was further asked to define the process and gather data from the user community to transform the prototype model into an operation process simulation that can be used to provide benchmark operational and activity-based costs.

CACI Services Involvement

The objective of this engagement was for CACI to:

  • Prototype a Simulation model of the Enlisted Accession Process from the existing “To-Be” diagrams and process descriptions
  • Construct demonstrations of the prototype simulations and brief DIMHRS decision-makers and constituents to gain confidence the use of simulation techniques to better quantify and validate estimated savings and ROI from “To-Be” process models
  • Convert the prototype into a realistic model of the “To-Be” process for DIMHRS and capture some usable metrics for validating the “To-Be” alternatives
  • Develop plans for incrementally implementing the reengineered processes and/or process changes
  • Monitor and re-baseline the process model with the actual improvements realized after implementation


CACI provided NRISO with one SIMPROCESS “To-Be” simulation model, and a written report documenting findings from the model/personal research.


Performance results from the simulation model supported planned infrastructure. An ERP alternative was modeled where manual activities were automated using PeopleSoft modules. Data entry times for all PeopleSoft panels/screens were incorporated in the alternative. Non-value added activities (activities redundant in nature) were identified and eliminated. The transition resulted in cost savings of several hundred per applicant.

Demonstration Model

In order to view the demonstration model you must have SIMPROCESS installed on your computer and you must have a license. If you don’t have SIMPROCESS you may download a trial version.

You must save the demo model file by RIGHT CLICKING on the file below and select “Save Target As”. Save the file to your computer. After you launch SIMPROCESS select File and Open. Then navigate to where you saved the demo file and select to open it.

Additional demonstration models are in the models/Demos directory which is located in the SIMPROCESS working directory.