Call Center Model

Staffing of Call Centers is an important issue for many companies today. Complex analysis is needed to balance staffing levels with the high level of service that consumers demand.

In this model, three types of calls are generated: Type A, Type B and Type C. Each call type has its own schedule at the Generate activity “Generate Phone Calls.”

The center is staffed by 3 levels of Technicians: X, Y, and Z.

  • Question Type A can be answered by any of the three technicians
  • Question Type B can be answered by a Y or Z Technician
  • Question Type C can be answered only by a Z Technician
The numbers of each type of Technician available in the model are model parameters. Each time the simulation is started the model parameters values can be changed.

By default, the incoming call buffer can contain no more than 10 calls on hold. If 10 callers are already on hold, the next incoming call will get a busy signal and be dropped. The maximum number of calls the buffer can hold is also a model parameter. The user is prompted to change the queue’s capacity each time the model is run.

If a call is on hold for too long (in the buffer) it will hang up (renege). The renege time for each type of call is set by an Attribute. These Attributes can be designated as model parameters so they can be changed each time the model is run.

Demonstration Model

In order to view the demonstration model you must have SIMPROCESS installed on your computer and you must have a license. If you don’t have SIMPROCESS you may download a trial version.

You must save the demo model file by RIGHT CLICKING on the file below and select “Save Target As”. Save the file to your computer. After you launch SIMPROCESS select File and Open. Then navigate to where you saved the demo file and select to open it.

Additional demonstration models are in the models/Demos directory which is located in the SIMPROCESS working directory.