SIMPROCESS is a hierarchical and integrated Process simulation tool that radically improves your productivity for Process modeling and analysis. SIMPROCESS is designed for BPR and IT professionals of industrial and service enterprises that need to reduce the time and risk it takes to service customers, fulfill demand, and develop new products. SIMPROCESS integrates Process mapping, hierarchical event-driven simulation, and activity-based costing (ABC) into a single tool.


SIMPROCESS allows you to create an abstract model of a Process under study. You produce a computer model of a business Process and documentation (diagrams and descriptions).

SIMPROCESS is a dynamic modeling tool that simulates the flow of entities through the defined Process. Entities could be:

  • proposals
  • orders
  • invoices
  • customers
  • work-in-process
  • patients
  • parts
  • products
Entities that a Process receives, acts upon, or produces should be included in the definition of the business Process. Entities flow from one Process step to the next and at each step some task is performed. The Resources, such as people, machines, or information required to complete the tasks are also included in the business model.

SIMPROCESS generates valuable information about the Activities, Entities, and Resources in the model. This data is used to validate the Process model. The generated statistics and reports are used to determine where the Process could be improved. SIMPROCESS allows you to evaluate alternatives and different management policies. SIMPROCESS helps a team decide which changes to a business Process will provide the most benefits.

Benefits of SIMPROCESS

From superior technological capability to radical productivity improvement and reduced cost ownership, SIMPROCESS offers three major benefits over other BPR tools. These benefits are: