Supported Standards


SIMPROCESS currently provides export capability to UML Activity Diagram models.

XML/XPDL Process Definition Language

SIMPROCESS currently supports import and export of XPDL.

Dot Diagrams

Export creates a workflow file using the Dot language that presents a “flat” (non-hierarchical) view of the model. A Dot-compatible graph viewer is required to display.

Communication with Web Services

SIMPROCESS currently supports web services interaction. This technology can also be used by other applications to invoke SIMPROCESS through a SIMPROCESS Dispatcher.

Java JDBC Database Connectivity

SIMPROCESS supports connectivity to any relational database via JDBC.

Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI)

SIMPROCESS supports calling (or being called by) a Java RMI.


SIMPROCESS supports the Operational Architecture Views OV-5 (a hierarchical activity model) and parts of OV-6. It is fully integrated with Rational Rose to support the remainder OV’s. When coupled with Rose, they support all of the DODAF products. It starts with the requirements for OV-5 and goes far beyond them to add simulation and optimization functionality that are not specified in the static DODAF products.


TOGAF provides the framework for the development of business architecture from the IT architecture perspective. Coupled with Rational Rose, SIMPROCESS can make the transition between business requirements to system specifications smoother and ensure all requirements are captured correctly.

Lean Six Sigma

Integrating process mapping, object-oriented simulation, and activity-based costing into a single tool, SIMPROCESS meets the most demanding needs for a Lean Six Sigma implementation and its concerned maintenance. Learn More About Six Sigma. (link to Six Sigma page)

Business Process Management Initiative (BPMI)

SIMPROCESS has 94 BPMN icons for use with Activities and Processes. Also, each Process layout can have just swim lanes or pools and swim lanes. These are graphical indicators only and do not affect the simulation.

Business Process Execution Language (BPEL)

SIMPROCESS includes a set of BPEL metamodels that can be used to add BPEL information to any model.

Model Fit

SIMPROCESS includes the ability to read data sources and fit distributions using the ModelFit software from Kortright Corporation. This software is a powerful tool that allows distributions to be fit either during model building or automatically at the beginning of a simulation run. When automatic distribution fitting is used, the data sources are read and the distributions are fit at the beginning of the simulation. Thus, the fitted distributions reflect the latest available data. In addition, the data that is read is configurable by run so simulations can be run with distributions based on different sets of data without actually editing the SIMPROCESS model. Data sources can be ASCII files, spreadsheets, or SQL databases.

SoftwareAG’s Business Process Management Suite

SIMPROCESS has been embedded into the webMethods BPMS to provide Integrated best-of-breed simulation capabilities that allow you to simulate the performance of your process and optimize its resource requirements under real-world conditions, prior to deployment.