Spreadsheet Interfaces

Spreadsheet Interfaces

All spreadsheet interfaces require a spreadsheet file with the extension .xls or .xlsx or an XML spreadsheet (.xml).

Spreadsheet Input Source

A Spreadsheet Input Source is an interface for creating a connection to a spreadsheet for the purpose of reading in data. The defined input source is then available in the SIMPROCESS distribution list. Every time the input source is activated (for example by an Activity requesting a delay time) the next value is returned. Provide the Sheet Name, the Starting Row, and the Column (numerical order so column A is column 1).

The file InputSource.bundle is included in the Demos directory. This is a model bundle of a model that includes a Spreadsheet Input Source. Also, the model SpreadsheetDemo.spm in the Demos directory has a Spreadsheet Input Source example.

Spreadsheet Results Export

The Spreadsheet export provides an interface for writing to a spreadsheet before, during, and after a simulation. The Values specified in the spreadsheet cells represent performance measures or other simulation information. They are replaced at the time of execution with the actual values of the items listed in the cells. SIMPROCESS creates the spreadsheet file if it does not exist.

Spreadsheet Distribution Fitting

Input data for the distribution fitting feature of SIMPROCESS can be read in from a spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet Entity Generation

The Spreadsheet schedule of the Generate Activity provides an interface for Entity generation and for setting Entity instance Attributes. The Spreadsheet schedule can control the Entity Type for generation, the quantity, and the interval. There is a separate tab for setting Attribute values.

Spreadsheet System Methods

The Spreadsheet System Methods give you full spreadsheet interface capability. Using Expressions you can retrieve information from a spreadsheet, and you can modify a spreadsheet by creating sheets, inserting cells, and updating cells. There are four spreadsheet-related System Methods, which can be used in Expressions:

  • OpenSpreadsheet
  • CloseSpreadsheet
  • ReadFromSpreadsheet
  • WriteToSpreadsheet

See the section “Interfacing With A Spreadsheet” in Chapter 4 of Part D of the SIMPROCESS User’s Manual for more information on using these System Methods.

The model SpreadsheetDemoExp.spm in the ExpressionDemos directory demonstrates these System Methods.