Simulation Output

Simulation statistics can be viewed and output in multiple ways. First, though, the statistics to be collected during a simulation must be defined. By default, SIMPROCESS collects statistics for all Entity Types and Resources. There are global statistics options for all components of a model (Entity Types, Resources, Connectors, and Activities). However, global statistics collection can collect much unneeded information so for all global statistics options there are corresponding individual statistics collection options. Also, statistics can be collected for Attributes and Time Stamps.

After the simulation completes the results can be viewed in the Standard Report or in Custom Reports you create. The Standard Report can be viewed using Notepad, Excel, or the SIMPROCESS Report Viewer in Windows or the corresponding Linux programs if using Linux (the Report Viewer is common to Windows and Linux). The SIMPROCESS Report Viewer offers the option to save reports to pdf, rtf, docx, odt, xls, and html. View Simulation Results displays the results in a table format and offers options for saving results to an xls or cvs file. Also, you can view results in various chart types including bar charts, stacked bar charts, pie charts, pareto charts, standard deviation charts, and min max charts.

Further export options include a tab delimited file of raw simulation results, and specific results can be exported to databases and spreadsheets before, during, and after a simulation.