Reusable Templates and Libraries

One of the most powerful features of SIMPROCESS is the reusable Template. A Template is an Activity, hierarchical Process, Resource, Resource Shift, or Resource Downtime that is defined and reused over and over. A Library is a collection of templates that can be saved and loaded during a modeling session. SIMPROCESS provides a standard set of templates for Activities, Processes, Resources, Resource Shifts, and Resource Downtimes. Templates provide the ability to set default parameters for SIMPROCESS-provided items. For example, specialized Resources such as Tellers, Loan Officers, and Branch Managers can be defined in the Resource Library for Business Process Modeling in a financial services business. A Library could also contain templates that may represent competing models of the Business Processes that are being compared.

Many different Templates can be created and loaded into the system when they are needed. Customized Processes/Activities can be added to the Library Toolbar (for easy reuse) and/or added to the Create menu. This capability is a tremendous advantage for organizations that want to capture and maintain the most valuable asset of a business – the process knowledge.

With a large set of libraries of reusable model building blocks, you are able to build new models faster. For example, you may develop a set of Processes (i.e. warehouse, manufacture, transport) and Resources (i.e. trucks, people, etc.) relevant to the Distribution domain, save them to a library named Distribution and use them to quickly build distribution models. Here is a summary of benefits:

  • Facilitate reuse of Processes, Activities, and Resources
  • Repositories for model building constructs you manipulate or create
  • Customizing of model elements through parameter settings
  • Placement of Processes and Activities on the Library tool bar and the Create menu
  • Grouping of Processes and Activities in user defined Libraries
  • Facilitate importing and exporting of customized model elements for use in other models or by colleagues