Resource Modeling Constructs

SIMPROCESS provides the means for modeling Resources and for measuring the impact on the performance of a business process. In addition, variable and fixed costs associated with Resources may be used to measure Process costs and activity costs. A Resource is an agent that is required to perform the tasks associated with an activity. People, equipment, vehicles, money, and space can be modeled as Resources. The limited availability of Resources is an important constraining factor in business processes.

When an Entity arrives at an Activity, SIMPROCESS checks to see if any Resources are required to process it. If Resources are required, SIMPROCESS attempts to obtain them. Once an Activity gains control of one or more units of a Resource, those Resource units are unavailable to any other Activity. The Activity retains control of the Resource units until it finishes processing the Entity. More advanced Resource acquisition and release can be modeled using the Get Resource and Free Resource Activities and by using the Expression language.