Process Capabilities

Process Alternatives

SIMPROCESS is a hierarchical modeling and simulation tool. The Process node is non-atomic, that is, it can include other Activities and Processes. In addition, though, a Process may consist of a set of Alternative sub-processes. Each sub-process can represent an alternative implementation of the Process. This allows the creation of many variations of a Process and keeps them organized in one place.

Only one sub-process can be active at any point in time. An experiment may be run with Alternative sub-process 1 active to measure the overall performance of the model. Alternative sub-process 2 can then be run and results compared.

Note that for the Process properties below there are three alternative sub-processes. Since Hybrid is selected, it is the active alternative. That is, the Hybrid alternative will be simulated when the model is run.

The active alternatives can be set before the run or after Run is selected. When Run is selected and a model contains at least one Process with multiple alternatives, a dialog is displayed that allows the selection of the active alternatives. If there are Model Parameters they are displayed on one tab and the Process alternatives on another tab.

Process Alternatives

Master Processes

A hierarchical Process can be designated as a Master Process. If a Process is designated as a Master Process, any copies of the Master Process pasted within the same model are linked to the Master Process. Any changes made to the Master Process can be applied to all the copies of the Master Process. Copies of a Master Process cannot be edited.

See Chapter 2 of Part A of the SIMPROCESS User’s Manual for more information on Process Alternatives and the Master Process feature.