Metadata and Metamodel Capabilities

The Metamodel Editor allows creation of Metamodels which can then be assigned to SIMPROCESS models to support adding user-defined Metadata. See the SIMPROCESS Metadata Manual for details.

Metadata is data about data. From a SIMPROCESS perspective, metadata is a collection of customer specific unique data attributes for SIMPROCESS model components (Activity, Entity Type, Resource, Pad, Connector, Model, and Swimlane).

Metamodels are collections of metadata definitions. The key functional value that metamodels offer is the capability to define unique sets of data definitions associated with SIMPROCESS model components. For example, a metamodel could be created specifying data routinely used in an organization. The metadata within the metamodel could relate to SIMPROCESS Activities that represent activities within the organization. These data definitions could then be used in SIMPROCESS Activities to capture values for those data items. Another example is the definition of industry-standard data such as DOD’s CADM for DODAF views. Likewise, a vertical industry may also have specific data that is pertinent to a process model such as Sarbanes-Oxley financial requirements or HIPAA health care requirements.

Metamodels are independent of any given SIMPROCESS model so they can be associated with multiple SIMPROCESS models. Likewise, multiple metamodels can be used within a single SIMPROCESS model. It is a many-to-many relationship.