Communication with Web Services

SIMPROCESS has a proven track record in its role as a modeling and simulation tool. More and more often, however, it’s useful to be able to call on simulation capabilities and use the results to make automated business decisions. SIMPROCESS provides that capability through the DispatcherService, a Web service that can be deployed in a Web Container (an application supporting the Java Servlet Specification) or an Application Server, and the SIMPROCESS Dispatcher. The Dispatcher is a program that controls the operation of one or more instances of SIMPROCESS or OptQuest® for SIMPROCESS when requests arrive from the DispatcherService. The DispatcherService is the gateway through which a client application obtains SIMPROCESS or OptQuest® for SIMPROCESS services.

In order to use the Dispatcher and related features, an alternate install set is offered by the installer, called “SIMPROCESS and Dispatcher.” This is not the default set and must be specifically selected. It provides all the components needed to use SIMPROCESS as a regular desktop application, but it also includes components which allow use of the Dispatcher to invoke SIMPROCESS as a service. The Dispatcher is licensed separately from the SIMPROCESS desktop application. The Dispatcher program (it will have the .exe extension on Windows systems) controls the operation of one or more instances of SIMPROCESS when requests are received via the DispatcherService. The dispatcher directory contains all of the other components needed to run SIMPROCESS as a service (including the DispatcherService deployment files). Its precise contents will vary according to the platform on which installation occurs.

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