SIMPROCESS® is a hierarchical modeling tool that combines process mapping, discrete-event simulation, and Activity-Based Costing (ABC) in a single easy to use interface.

The SIMPROCESS simulation engine provides the foundation for web-based Decision Support Systems to move Modeling and Simulation to the management desktop.

SIMPROCESS provides ready-made building blocks for constructing dynamic business process models, while the underlying expression language allows experienced programmers to add more complicated business logic. SIMPROCESS is designed for organizations that wish to mitigate the risk associated with implementing dramatic process changes. The tool allows users to quickly and easily analyze various “what-if” scenarios, and by utilizing Java and XML technologies it provides the necessary power and flexibility to meet these organizational needs.




  • Graphical “drag-and-drop” model development
  • Reusable process templates
  • Realistic estimates of activity, resource, and production costs
  • Visualization of process dynamics and bottlenecks
  • Future-state “what-if” analysis
  • Process optimization

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