SIMPROCESS 7 is now available!

SIMPROCESS 7.0 has two significant new capabilities, the Information Manager and an automated ability to create spreadsheet parameterized models.

Information Manager

The Information Manager allows the creation of Statistical or Category items. Statistical items can mathematically combine various statistical values either directly through an equation or through hierarchy and roll up. Statistical Information Manager items can be included in reports, plots, results exports, and optimizations. Category items have fields that contain information concerning the category. Category Information Manager items can be used as taxonomy in a model. Taxonomy can be assigned to Entity Types, Entity instances, Resources, and Activities that can obtain Resources. Taxonomy can influence Resource acquisition and branching. See Chapter 7 – Information Manager in Part B of the SIMPROCESS User’s Manual for a complete discussion.

Create Spreadsheet Parameterized Model

The item Create Spreadsheet Parameterized Model was added to the Tools menu. This item creates an input spreadsheet based on selected options and modifies the model to use the spreadsheet. Below are the parameterization options. See Chapter 5: Creating a Spreadsheet Parameterized Model in Part E of the SIMPROCESS User’s Manual for details.