SIMPROCESS 6.0 is available


Major new release with upgrades and enhancements*

SIMPROCESS 6.0 is built in JavaFX, which brings a new look to the powerful simulation capability of SIMPROCESS. Models are still built the same way as before but the windows and dialogs have an updated look and feel. Also, there is now a main application window that, along with the typical application menus, contains links to various SIMPROCESS features.

SP 6.0

  • The new main SIMPROCESS window means each model can now open in its own window with the same toolbars and most of the same features as earlier versions of SIMPROCESS. (The Experiment menu and the File/Bundle menus are only on the main SIMPROCESS window.) The Dashboard Editor was also changed so each Dashboard opens in its own editor window.
  • The color chooser was updated and, for layout backgrounds, Activities, and Processes, colors can be combined.
  • Real-time plots have a new look with options for the plotting frequency. In addition, plotting can be globally turned on and off for a model.
  • A new interface was added to facilitate selecting an icon for a Process, Activity, or Entity. All icon sets can be displayed in a tabbed interface for easier viewing and selecting.


*detailed list of enhancements can be found on the ReadMe.txt file*