SIMPROCESS 5.2 is available

Fixes and new features in the 5.2 release:

  1. Directories requiring write access (SPUser, models, metamodel, orgmodel, dashboardserver, and timeserver) are installed to a directory within the user’s home directory. See the section SIMPROCESS Working Directory in Chapter 2 of the SIMPROCESS Getting Started Manual for more information.
  2. Help is now HTML based so it displays in a web browser.
  3. The User’s Manual was separated into four files. The links between chapters that are now in different files are still valid.
  4. All comment fields can now have active hyper links. (See Common Activity Input Fields in Chapter 2 of Part A of the User’s Manual.)
  5. Model verification was significantly expanded. (See Verify Model under Simulate Menu in Chapter 1 of Part A of the User’s Manual.)
  6. Updated Experiment Manager to use predefined Scenarios (from Simulate menu) and removed Publish Model to HTML from the Experiment Manager.
  7. Capacity Cost is now referred to as Variable Cost.
  8. Define Real-Time Plots was changed to Real-Time Plots and was consolidated so all real-time plots can be defined from the same dialog.
  9. The Time Stamp real-time plots definition were moved from the Time Stamp properties to Real-Time Plots.
  10. Meter and Thermometer real-time plots were added to Attributes.
  11. View Simulation Results is now on the Report menu. This allows all simulation results to be viewed in tabular format. Also, the results can be saved to a .cvs or .xls file, and the results can be viewed with charts. See Chapter 8 of Part A of the User’s Manual for a full discussion.
  12. Statistics for Activities and Connectors can be accessed by right clicking on an Activity or Connector and choosing View Results. This menu item is only active if statistics were collected for the Activity or Connector. View Results functions in the same way as View Simulation Results but it is only the results for that Activity or Connector.
  13. Gantt charts of the Activities and Processes in a model can be created after a simulation completes. This new Report menu option is available if Collect Activity Statistics or Collect Activity by Entity Statistics is selected in Define Global Statistics Collection. See Chapter 6 of Part A of the SIMPROCESS User’s Manual for a full discussion.
  14. New expression statements added: OpenApplication, DeactivateGenerate, and SetStartEnd. See Appendix F of the User’s Manual for descriptions.
  15. Expression editor was updated to correctly handle nested Parent system attributes.
  16. Attributes with an array size greater than zero now properly create real-time plots.
  17. Attribute real-time plots were added to Custom Reports.
  18. ReadFromSpreadsheet expression statement was updated to convert date and time in Excel Workbooks to a date/time string. The conversion only occurs if the variable receiving the date/time is of type String. Also, numbers in text cells must be read into a numeric variable or SIMPROCESS will attempt the date/time conversion.
  19. Distributions from the Apache Commons Math library were added to the distribution list. These are not distributions new to SIMPROCESS but different implementations of already existing distributions. See Appendix D of the SIMPROCESS User’s Manual for a list.
  20. The BPMN icon collection was expanded.
  21. The default icon set for Processes/Activities can be specified in the Preferences.
  22. The default icon set for Entities and default icon size can be specified on the new Entities tab in the Preferences.
  23. Menu items that also have corresponding tool bar buttons now include the same icon as the associated button.
  24. A Save button was added to the Expression Editor. Expressions can now be saved to a text file.
  25. A Suppress Warnings option was added to AutoFit properties. When selected the warning that the default distribution will be used if there is an error during the distribution fitting is not displayed.
  26. The File menu now includes Open Directory. It includes six items: Installation, Working, Models, Metamodel, OrgModel, and SPUser. Selecting one of these items opens the system file explorer to that directory.
  27. Minor bugs relating to the Expression statements InterruptActivity and InterruptEntity have been corrected.
  28. View button on the distribution details dialog was updated so details cannot be viewed for File, Spreadsheet, and Database input sources.
  29. Fixed error in Simulation Results export that caused cost element names to be missing for replications greater than 1.
  30. Updated the format of cost results in Simulation Results export to display the category of cost (Activity by Entity, Resource by Entity, or Resource by Activity) along with the cost period. Changed the statistic type to display the cost type (Variable or Absorption).